GigaStor™ Software

Indicator of Compromise Filters for the OBSERVER Analyzer V17

Rewind. Review. Resolve.
Stop Missing Critical Network Events. GigaStor plays a significant role for transaction-heavy organizations in data mining, network forensics, and data retention compliance. The undisputed leader in retrospective network analysis (RNA), GigaStor eliminates the time-consuming task of recreating problems for troubleshooting. Just hit rewind to go “back in time” and review past network activity. Then navigate to the exact moment a problem occurred and see detailed packet-level views before, during, and after an issue occurrence.
GigaStor is the perfect solution for security, compliance, and troubleshooting needs. It ends finger-pointing between network and application teams, provides fast and accurate issue identification, and speeds resolution – offering corporate-wide benefits and advantages.
• Back-in-time functionality
• Data storage capacity – your choice of 256GB, 1T, 4T or 16 TB
• Superior scalability
• Root-cause analysis
• Platform integration
• Latency identification
• Server delay tracking
• Application-specific error monitoring
• Expert Analytics
Key Features:
Time Navigation Interface Simplify problem isolation with GigaStor’s unique time based navigation system. Identify time of problem occurrence, and then navigate down to the nanosecond for quick and accurate root-cause location. GigaStor also offers a big-picture view with a macro timeline graph for proactive management.


Root-Cause Analysis, sift through up to 16 terabytes of data, perform analysis, and find the problem – minimizing downtime and end-user impact. From an enterprise-wide view, you can track bandwidth utilization, network Top Talkers, application metrics, and even VoIP quality statistics.


Forensics – Security and Compliance
The GigaStor serves as a network eyewitness, determining whether a problem relates to the network, security, or application. It passively captures and archives all data traversing the network for later analysis and reporting, making it ideal for meeting security forensics and compliance objectives – providing documentation such as phone conversations, instant messages, emails, and more.

forensic summary

forensic analysis

Application Analysis
Get an immense depth of application detail in nanoseconds. More than HTTP traffic monitoring, our app analysis goes beyond simple response times. It ensures faster MTTR using a trifecta of comprehensive performance metrics: Application Performance Analysis that focuses on end-user experience; Transaction Analysis that provides extensive detail about the applications layers five to seven; and Expert Analytics packed with a variety of advanced analysis tools that save critical minutes, hours, even days off of troubleshooting time.


GigaStor Software Version – 1TB Version $6,995.00 / Software Maintenance $1,399
GigaStor Software Version – 4TB Version $9,995.00 / Software Maintenance $1,999
GigaStor Software Version – 16TB Version $15,995.00 / Software Maintenance $3,199

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